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10 August 2015



I was at a house party and went to get a drink (Very exciting times) and bumped into a couple. I was like sweet I should say hi and be polite and stuff. That totally just made is seem like a chore hey. Talking to couples at a party when you’re solo isn’t a chore. Though it sort of is. No it defs is. Anyway I’m talking and we’re all getting along and then the girl walks off randomly when I get too deep with the dude. We were talking about Nintendo 64 you know this is my weakness guys I can’t be accountable. So I was thinking this is a pretty weird couple but this is still cool. But then I see the guy doing that thing you do when you’ve lost interest in a conversation (Which of course couldn’t be just because I’m boring. That’s un-possible) and start drawing his eyes elsewhere so I give him a leave and he runs off after her.

It suddenly hit oh shit I totally just cock-blocked him while he was tuning a girl. Even worse she then started getting cozy with some other dude so I all but completely fucked up this dude’s night. I was legit just trying to be nice. But yeah so that’s un-wingmanning. A social situation comparative to crashing an actual plane. The whole thing peaked when we left at the same time but didn’t want to acknowledge each other. It was like one of us gave the other an STD or something. I actually did that same thing with a dude I went to school with who I didn’t like at the train station the other day (As in avoided eye contact, not gave each other STD’s). It’s sort of a nice mutual respect. But not really.


– Lonely Kids Club

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