Ultra Winter Warmer Pack

Sloth jumper, two pairs of leggings, two mental health positive patches and two LKC socks all for only $99.

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Leg Warmer Pack

You can now buy all four of our new range leggings for only $69. Limited time offer.

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LKC Flagship Store

We are back to normal operating hours (Although usually only rock up at 12!)

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Better Quality

Our goods are individually sewn for the buyer. We make clothes for you to enjoy, not for the sake of profit.

Sweatshop Free

No mass production, no third world exploitation, no additional costs. Just quality goods made ethically.

Know Your Sewer

A large percentage of our goods are hand sewn right here in our flagship store in Sydney.

Support Local

Let's say no to third world exploitation and support Australian made goods.


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Lonely Kids Club - Handmade in Sydney

At Lonely Kids Club we not only design, draft and concept all our goods in Sydney, we make many of our goods in Sydney. We believe in creating individual garments for people to enjoy, and clothing which makes people happy. Mass producing cheaply for high profits was never something that interested us. Quality goods designed and created in Sydney for people around the world to enjoy. Welcome to Lonely Kids Club.