• Our sales go towards charity causes

  • Easy 100 day Returns on all orders

  • ETHICALLY PRODUCED and printed in Sydney

Returns Policy

We are proud to offer a risk free returns policy! Return anything back in the condition it was received within 100 days for a full refund, store credit, or to swap for a new product.

Should you have a change of mind, and would like to swap your product for a different one, that’s also fine. Just send the product back with a support card which you can find here. You are also always welcome to return a product to swap for a bigger or smaller size if needed. We will send you a new product for free. With both these options, the product must also be sent back in the condition it was received.

If any product is sent with a fault, please contact us to arrange for a new replacement product to be sent. We are also happy for you to send it back for us to fix, free of charge.

If you have any problems with your product, you are always welcome to email us to have it rectified. We will personally make sure you are left happy as that is our main objective.