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14 July 2014

X factor Is Shit


Man, I tried watching X factor tonight and just couldn’t deal with how stupid the whole concept is. It opened with some random dude in the crowd who said he was some family orientated guy, then suddenly the whole show cut to his house showing generic shots of him playing with his kids and kissing what we assume is his wife (or he was making a really complicated situation for his children, either way). So obviously we can dismiss the idea that any of this is real unless they happen to just film people with their families JUST IN CASE but that’s also okay you have to just enjoy the fun.

So the guy gets up and starts singing Pharrell William’s Happy because unless it’s on Nova it’s not music M8 then before you know it Redfoo stands up and starts clapping his hands in the air like some degenerate and the rest of the audience starts clapping too because this family dude is vaguely hitting an electronic drum pad that look as plugged in as Justin Bieber’s headphones in that Instagram photo and you have to wonder what the fuck is wrong with these people that they have nothing better to do than to clap to this dude’s glorified karaoke with some sell-out judges like Dannii Minogue. I didn’t realise having a gifted sister meant you were in a position to judge other people’s talent. What a crock of shit. I don’t think it’d be possible for a TV Show to have any less substance.

God I miss Game Of Thrones. :( 

NOTE: That Game Of Thrones reference didn't age well lol.

– Lonely Kids Club

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