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01 November 2021

Cool Hoodies

I'm all about awesome and cool hoodies.

For whatever reason, the brand (Lonely Kids Club) actually started off only doing crewneck jumpers and then it took several years until we actually started releasing hoodies, but then we got a rhythm for it and started pumping them out.

I unfortunately can't ever hold on to my hoodies as my wife prefers to wear my hoodies over her own clothing, but I'm glad we're both wearing LKC merch at the same time. I've even printed myself the same designs she likes so I can match with her when we walk which is amazing because I love matching, and she can't stand it. So it's a real win-win.

Anyway, here's my list of top Cool Hoodies Australia to wear in Australia, or outside of Australia depending on your geographic preference (We don't judge.) 

My fave Hoodies right now: 

The froggy hoodie! I just really love how small and cute the little hand-painted frog is! This one was also submitted by a very talented fan of the brand called Janna who just likes frogs and other cute things. I really like how interactive the audience of LKC has always been whether it's requesting new products, designing new products, or voting for what range we should do next. It's a real community vibe that I always think of when I see this one. 


The Cooking Is My Passion Hoodie. OK So this is a funny one because we made it as part of a Life Is Tough range and it then became the flagship product for a Cooking Show I spontaneously started on our Instagram (You can watch it on the highlights)  where I get really cooked and try cooking. The image is so perfect as well as I chaotically fuck everything up and end up mostly just making a huge mess that somehow tastes okay in the end. It's really by pure coincidence that we already made a design with the same wording / imagery but it's become a bigger seller now because of this which makes me very happy. Cooking is my passion. 


The Cecil Hoodie. This is the boy that started it all. Although he used to look different Cecil was the whole turning point for the brand back in 2012 (Yes, we've been around THAT long) when for the first time after a year people actually started ordering clothes. People that weren't just my mates trying to help us out. It was a surreal moment that ultimately lead to us growing a fanbase which I never thought I'd achieve for a while there. 


Create Your Own Pet Hoodie. I just felt like I had to give this one an honourable mention because I love the idea that you can be walking your dog and wearing its face at the same time on a swanky hoodie. We've really perfected our editing skills as well cropping so many different animal faces so they all come out looking really nice. It's a fun combo to merge our hoodie game with our love of pets. 

So that's our cool hoodie list! Thanks for reading and be sure to let us know if you think we missed any other cool hoodies - we have such a big range of them now, it'd be impossible to hit them all but I gave it a red hot go. I personally wear all these hoods myself too so we keep them on point.

Above all though, remember that hoodies aren't just a winter staple anymore - they can be worn all year around (Especially at night!) and life is way too short for boring and uncomfortable hoodies. So, keep your hoodie game strong with your friends at Lonely Kids Club


- Warwick

Products from this Article

Hardly Working Hoodie Hardly Working Hoodie

Hardly Working Hoodie

Froggy Hoodie Froggy Hoodie

Froggy Hoodie

$80.00 $70.00
$70.00 $80.00
Cooking Is My Passion Hoodie Cooking Is My Passion Hoodie

Cooking Is My Passion Hoodie

$80.00 $70.00
$70.00 $80.00
Cecil Hoodie Cecil Hoodie

Cecil Hoodie

$80.00 $70.00
$70.00 $80.00
Create Your Own Pet Hoodie Create Your Own Pet Hoodie

Create Your Own Pet Hoodie

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