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20 June 2022

Bloody oath! Our top 10 Australiana Tees

G'day! Warwick here! Did you know we print and ship, and design all our Australiana Tees from right here in Sydney? Not bad, eh? Yeah nah anyway we've been coming up with Australiana themed designs for over 10 years now, grown up here our whole lives, and even say the word "Strewth" sometimes, so without any further adieu, here are our top 10 Australiana Tees: 

Swoopy Boy Tee

Have you ever been swooped by a magpie? It's not great, but you accept it as part of life here. Truthfully, I've only ever been swooped by the Common myna bird several times. I assume they see my weird walk style where I'm basically bopping and assume I'm a threat. Anyway, the swoopy boy is an icon and couldn't be represented better than this one: 
Hardly Working Tee
This is probably one of our most popular designs of all time. From being constantly worn into Bunnings stores and confusing staff to being featured on the TV show Bump, the Hardly Working Tee has had a very successful blow up. A very sincere take on the classic Hardly Working trope, this T-shirt will surely be our legacy for years to come. 

Career Opportunity Tee

I'm a bit obsessed with the Ibis, or Bin Chicken. I just think they're underrated, have done an amazing job adapting to new environments, and have that real pivotal Aussie mentality of getting on with the job, even if that means eating trash. Ironically, if you looked at my diet you'd probably think I ate trash too...

I am way too proud of this one. I did it as a random drawing without much thought but it blew up so much on social media we had to push it into a new T-shirt with beautiful pastel colours. Something about the contrast of the language on the tee with the very cute illustration just makes me laugh. 
Young DJ Albo Tee

This one is absolutely iconic because albo actually signed this T-shirt live on his Instagram feed and I've never felt closer to a brush with fame. Good on him. DJ Albo on the parliament house mic tonight. 
6. Succulent Chinese Meal
Succulent Chinese Meal Tee
What is the charge? Eating a meal? A succulent Chinese meal? This classic 90's moment has remained a part of Australian culture over twenty years later and forever what I think of whenever I order Chinese food. 

Bushfire Charity Tee

We can never forget the damage those bushfires did to our country, and we are still rebuilding, and still helping look after the people and animals who lost their homes, and lost their livelihood. We still donate money to the Animal Rescue Cooperative every month to help their good work in helping those in need. 
Gang Gang Gang Gang Tee

Look this one was really just for the name, but the Australian Gang-gang Cockatoo, or Gang Gang for short is an amazing bird, and you too can join the gang gang gang gang with this T-shirt. You're welcome.
Don't Chop The Dinosaur Tee

Not sure who else had that ad stuck in their head for years, but that pivotal ad of the little girl angry at her dad for cutting off her gummy dinosaur head with the pouty face is still everything to me, and I'm glad we could nail a throwback to that classic advertisement. 
10. Fukin Wasted
Fukin Wasted Tee
Did you know that koalas get high by eating eucalyptus leaves, which are 100% of their diet? What a life. I sort of wish I was a Koala, instead of just acting like one. Regardless, Koalas are amazing and I love the idea of visualising them as total loose units. 
So that is our top 10 collection for you! Be sure to check out the whole Australiana Collection for more nostalgic Aussie moments you can wear. 
- Warwick
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