Fox News and Feelings


When I was in Hong Kong the only channel that worked was Fox News so I pretty much had to endure non-stop bitching about Obama and uneducated people yelling every time I wanted to watch television. On the bright side I now know that if I’m losing an argument I can just yell louder than who I’m arguing with and cough when they’re replying to diffuse the situation. I didn’t have much luck on the planes either – I made the mistake of watching the movie Drinking Buddies, which is like the Seinfeld of movies except not funny. Nothing happens for the whole fucking movie. It’s just flirting which doesn’t escalate. I don’t need a movie for that I just need go out to a bar. Before 1:30AM apparently since yesterday. That’s fucked. If this shit escalates any further I’ll take on the role of beer baron and sneak alcohol into bowling alleys or throw cheap BYO warehouse parties or something. Actually that’d be rad. I’d get a huge roster of upcoming electronic artists, keep the door price cheap, and let the party run allllll nighttttt. Oh also I swear I’ll get to talking about New York eventually. Haha sorry.


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