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Had the weirdest night last Thursday. I was just going to grab a drink with nick at my local pub (straya) and we then got approached by a bridal party or something of women in their mid 30s who wanted to know what we were up to. I explained we met on RSVP after I sent him a kiss and it was our first date. Anyway one of the women eventually figured out it was bullshit but approved and stuck around with us when the rest eventually left. She was a sneaky one. She just kept making up stories to the various men lingering around us that I then rolled with and kept ensuring we got more free drinks. Eventually we were so drunk (this is hours later) and then some woman grabbed me asking if I was gay (Not even the first time this has happened to me) so I explained I’m not and she pushed her face up to mine asking how old I am. I asked her to answer first and she said 31. So I gave the logical response in that situation and said I was 32. Needless to say she wanted me to prove her wrong. Four or five hookups later she took my phone without asking and then added herself on Facebook from my account. And didn’t accept her own request the next day. Who the fuck does that? It’s like rejecting yourself. The pub closed at 4 and I ended up bumping into her with her friends at Seven Eleven after rejecting the idea of sneaking into a pizzeria with some creepy looking guys. Her friend had his T-shirt off and was starting shit with the guy who worked there. I always feel sorry for those dudes. People who instigate in those situations (Or take their T-shirts off because they’re drunk) are the worst people. Needless to say I was not very productive in class the next day.


– Lonely Kids Club



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