5 Weird Habits I Have

1. If I think someone is looking at me or staring at me I’ll create a new habit like pretending to bite my nails because I’m too awkward otherwise.

2. When I say “I know” I really want them I know it so I say “I KNOWWW” and gesticulate wildly with my hands. My friends used to mimic me by doing this all the time.

3. I hate looking up. I have a rare eye disorder which means I can’t look up unless I extend my neck and then I feel really vulnerable.

4. In the early years of high school I had strange friends that would poke me all the time so I get nervous people are going to poke me when they move their arms around me.

5. For some reason every now and then I’ll lose the ability to pronounce words properly and I’ll stutter and other things so just wont talk for hours. This leads to people thinking I’m bored or being rude in social situations sometimes.

– Lonely Kids Club | Boutique T-shirt Label

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