COMPETITION: We are having a photoshop competition to celebrate our new Sydney Range! Simply photoshop Gladys’ face onto one of our model photos, or photoshop our clothes directly onto a photo of Gladys. The best ones will receive some dope prizes.

Files: You can find a dropbox folder full of our Sydney range photos here: and images of our new model Gladys here:

ENTRY: To enter, create your Gladys image, upload it onto your social platform of choice and tag us. We are @lonelykidsclub on Facebook and Twitter, and @lonelykidsclub69 on Instagram. Please also include the hashtag #lonelykidsclub so it’s easier to find you.

PRIZES: The best image will receive two tees from the new sydney range, and a new sniff off windbreaker jacket. Two runners up will also receive new sniff off windbreaker jackets.  All prizes include free delivery to anywhere Australia-wide.

CUT-OFF: Entries close February 28th.


NOTE: This is a purely fun competition. We will not be using any of the images as part of any advertising campaigns.

For final inspiration, check out the full Sydney Range by clicking anywhere here.