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Dogtor Hoodie
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Enjoy our range of cool hoodies graphic hoodies and funny hoodiesAustralian Designed hoodies and gender neutral hoodies.

The classic pullover hoodie. Like a jumper but with the added warmth of a usable front pocket and a hood for your head. Ours are 80% - 100% cotton and have soft lining for a perfect hoodie experience. We originally started off as a T-shirt and Jumper brand and only got into the power of hoodies late in the game. But we’ve done our work to catch up. We've done a good so far adding some bangers like the Hardly Working Hoodie, Ew, No Thanks Hoodie and my personal favourite, the Social Distancing Distancing Club hoodie. We only use premium hoods with soft insides, a front kangaroo pocket (That can’t actually fit a kangaroo) and a top hood which actually keeps your head warm. Plus, we’ve really expanded our hoodie selection in recent years. 

Custom Hoodies

If there's a design you want on a hoodie not pictured from the website you can usually just send us a message for a custom one. We also have a Create Your Own Pet Hoodie, which allows you to wear a cropped photo of your pet while also staying warm. People often use them to add anything they like onto a hoodie with added editing. So if you’re cold grab one of our new hoodies yourself and see what comfort and warmth really feels like!

We actually make Cool Hoodies

We often have full team meetings where we'll ask ourselves: What hoodies would we want to wear? Both to look cool and feel cool (but also warm). The end result is often a realization about classic prints we should be using, or coming up with new ideas to turn into full concepts that we can use to up our hoodies game. Think of us as your local hoodie wearing friends who want to take the game up a notch. So we pull up our drawstrings, tuck our hands into our kangaroo pockets and get it done!

Do you like Graphic Hoodies? Same!

Life is too short to wear plain, boring hoodies. If you're going to be layering a hoodie over your T-shirt you may as well make a statement with it (Outside of that it's cold which is at best mundane small talk) and wear a graphic hoodie that's going to stand out in a crowd and get you compliments, which is our end goal of all our graphic design ideas. We only use original graphics too that we design in-house or from cool artists that we partner with from around the world. 

What's better than funny hoodies? 

No that's an actual question - we are not being rhetorical. Funny story - we used to have the best collection of funny hoodies on the internet. We still do, but we used to as well. I guess I'm just feeling nostalgic about it. You know what's not funny though? The joke that you can wear a hoodie in the hood. We'll never make that joke. You deserve better, and even if we're typing out as many words as we can to try to get to the front page of a search engine result (Which we're totally not doing, I swear) you'll never hear us make such a joke. You know what isn't a joke, though? Our hoodie quality. The only thing of higher quality is Brendan Fraser's acting ability and range. 

Australian artists making Australian Designed Hoodies

We are based in Sydney, Australia and design, print and ship all our hoodies from our studio here to all over the world! You can tell our Australian roots through our classic Aussie designs such as Bunnings Hoodie parody, Hardly Working or our Ibis Hoodies, which are a tribute to our favourite Bin Chickens. We actually have a whole family of Ibis birds living down the road from our studio that multiple times have required me pulling over and getting off the road to keep them protected and safe. We also have a very specific Australiana vibe to many of our hoodies including profanities and swearing, and our other favourite bird the magpie. 

We only stock Gender Neutral Hoodies

Since launching in 2011, Lonely Kids Club has been a completely gender neutral brand and have never gendered any of our products. Our hoodies are no exception with all our hoodies featuring a standard, slightly oversized fit that is flattering on all body types. We make sure to check the hoodie fits ourselves and with our friends consistently, and try to standardise our hoodie fits as much as possible to ensure you can always reliably know your hoodie will fit the same whenever you buy from us. We will also never gender any of our clothing or accessories. Lonely Kids Club will always be completely gender neutral and we even feature non-binary models in some of our product photos.

Your new favourite Hoodies brand

I think you get the gist of it! We have the best range of cool hoodies, graphic hoodies and funny hoodies on the internet designed right here in Australia and shipped worldwide! We never feature less than 80% cotton and all our hoodies are very soft and comfortable to wear, and durable to keep you comfortable for many years to come! So what are you waiting for, try out one of our hoodies today and see what all the fuss is about! I promise you won't be disappointed (and even if you have any issues we have a risk free 100 day returns policy) so pick your favourite design and give us a go!
here are our

Frequently Asked Hoodie Questions: 

What makes our hoodies ethical?

We work exclusively with AS Colour for all our hoodies which ensures safe working conditions for workers, high wages, frequent factory audits and rigid social responsibility rules that must be followed to ensure the workers are safe and well treated. There is also a focus on environmental impact reduction, transparency of factory conditions and all hoodies are then printed by ourselves here in Sydney, so we are able to ensure every stage of the production process is completely ethical. 

What makes our hoodies sustainable?

As well as AS Colour's environmental impact reduction, we only print on hoodies after they are ordered, so we do not create any additional stock and no wastage. Any hoodies that are returned are eventually sold on discount as Mystery Hoodies, or if damaged / misprinted, they are sold as part of our $10 bargain bin promotion. As a result, absolutely no wastage is created from our hoodies. They are also shipped to us without the use of plastic, and we then ship it out using completely biodegradable packaging to not use any plastic at all. We also recycle the cardboard it's shipped to us in, and also recycle all leftover ink from printing with a third party partner who converts the ink into a nutritious soil fertilizer.   

How do your hoodies fit?

As a unisex product, our hoodies are slightly oversized, and sit a bit longer than regular hoodies. This is because we find hoodies fit better when slightly baggy compared to slightly tight, and also helps make for an easier to wear product with layering. 

What brand of hoodies do you print on?

We print on AS Colour Hoodies. They are the best quality we've ever used, the most ethically transparent, and we are too addicted to the fit / softness to ever use another brand!

Can you make me a custom hoodie?

Yes we have made custom hoodies (including design) for group events, organisations and individuals for years with glowing results. If you'd like a custom hoodie, simply use the Create Your Own Pet Hoodie and use the seller notes and image upload to provide any information as needed and we will create your custom hoodies for you!

What material are your hoodies?

Our hoodies are at least 80% cotton, and many of them are 100% cotton. This is due to stock and colour limitations from AS Colour that result in us having to occasionally order different hoodies in the same fits. If you want to ensure your hoodie is 100% cotton, please let us know in the order notes. However, we never use less than 80% cotton in our blends. 

How soft are your hoodies?

Our hoodies are extremely popular for a reason - they are very soft to touch, comfortable to wear and age well. We only use hoodies that we personally wear most days. So we make sure they're all baby soft to wear, and will become your favourite new hoodie for years to come.

Do your hoodies have drawstrings?

Yes, all our hoodies have drawstrings so you can tighten and loosten your hood as needed and a kangaroo pocket for your hands to keep warm and additional storage when being worn. 

Are your hoodies warm?

Our hoodies are a heavy 290 GSM to keep you warm throughout those cold winter days and chilly nights.

How should I wash my LKC hoodie?

Our hoodies are best when cold washed inside out and hung to dry to avoid a tumble drier. While you can tumble dry them as needed, this will be more likely to impact the print quality over time. I've personally done a mixture of both for my LKC hoodies over the years and they are all still going strong. 

Can I fit my pets inside my hoode?

Yes you can! All small sized pets fit into the pockets well, or can be placed in the hood while being worn for convenience. My two papillons both fit into my LKC hoodie pockets, however they prefer snuggling into a hoodie that has already been worn and placed on the ground. They actually dig at them with their little paws to make it into a nest. It's very cute. 

If I wear an LKC hoodie will people start talking to me?

Yes it is very possible, our unique and fun prints cause others to want to give you compliments, notice how cool you are, and possibly desire friendship with you. If this is something you'd rather avoid, we recommend wearing one of our ruder hoodies, such as the Fuck Off Hoodie or Don't Want To Get To Know You Hoodie

Will owning an LKC Hoodie make me happy?

Yes it will. Our hoodies cure all mental anguishes and allows anxiety to melt off you like warm butter on freshly toasted bread. 

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