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30 January 2024

What's your Valentine's vibe?

Actually, we get it. Not everyone is into Valentine's Day. And that's so valid. But if you give us a chance, we still get the feeling that we could find the perfect match for you...
Nugget To My Sauce Tee, Just Two Frogs Tee, I Like This Person Arrow Tee
My friend messaged me when he was drunk a few years back that I was his ride or die and I thought that was sweet even though he's not my Valentines. I also didn't invite him to my year 8 birthday party for reasons I can no longer remember and he still brings this shit up. 
Be A Slut Tee, I Bring Pasta Tee, Nail Me Tee
There's nothing flirtier or more romantic than bringing pasta on a date. There may or may not be enough to share and you need to have a microwave handy but that's what love is all about. 
Roses Are Red Tee, Nothing Really Mattress Tee, Ew No Thanks Tee
Literally all three of these designs were done by myself. I think I'm being forced to accept that perhaps I am both dead inside and hate everything. I guess I can see that. 
Deserve Tee, Tell Your Friends Tee, Self Love Sloth Tee
I like the idea of a relationship with myself. I feel like I'm usually on the same page, and I know what's on my mind most of the time. It just seems like a perfect match. Although I hear he's dead inside and hates everything. 
We love/hate love and you can too!
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