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02 May 2022

Warwick's Top 8 Meme Tees

Ok so you know we love a good meme here at LKC. When we first started LKC back in 2011 people still just mostly quoted Family Guy and Anchorman to each other over and over but memes in a digital format were beginning to take off a bit with those weird troll faces and stuff. Fast forward another 11 years and things have really gotten more sophisticated on the meme front, as well as how they're incorporated into fashion / culture. While they tend to best suit tees, they also work on hoodies, jumpers and tote bags.

We put a lot of work into our meme tees to make them wearable, accessible and something that suits the T-shirt itself. So without further adieu, here's my top 10 meme tees that I wear without fail every week:

1. Marriage Iguana Tee:

Marriage Iguana Tee

Do you even like marriage iguana, bro? An absolute ripper of a tee made in-house by myself and Claire, I love everything about this one from the little J in the iguana's mouth to her beautiful wedding veil.

2. My Day Tee:

My Day Tee

LKC is nothing if not relatable. Probably because we're run by three human beings and we're not a giant corporation. We are burdened by responsibility, though. A big part of why I get anything done is the knowledge that if I don't do it, no one will. I'll do it tomorrow, though.

3. Other Girls Tee

Other Girls Tee

We're not like other brands, we're worse. This tee is both the pinnacle of Word Art as well as what I'll always view as one of our best ever meme tees. Simple, recognisable, funny, and a banger of a tee.

4. Patagoingnowhere Tee

Patagoing Nowhere Tee
OK this one came about because we were all forced to stay home and couldn't go anywhere so I went through this whole phase of trying to up with names of hiking brands changed to be applicable to having to stay home. This was always my fave tho.

5. Staring At Your Dog Tee

Staring At Your Dog Tee
I've always been a dog person. I quite like it, but dog parks are a weird vibe. You end up talking to people you otherwise would never talk to about a very specific few topics such at the weather or your work, and ultimately you end up trying to stand close enough to your dogs but far enough away to avoid conversation. If only you could tell people you were just staring at their dog, not them.

6. Do Nothing Lifestyle Tee

Do Nothing Lifestyle Tee

If my lifestyle / life choices had a T-shirt to some up how it feels it would be this. I also love the blue on pale pink and clean design aesthetic. We actually made this design way back in 2016 but it wasn't released until 2020 because I found it while procrastinating doing other work. Perfect.

Roses Are Red Tee
This was a drawing I made for my wife that people on social media liked so much they rallied for me to make it into a T-shirt, Hoodie, and even track pants. Was a very nice feeling as this was one of my own original drawings, so this design will always have a special place in my heart. 
You Wouldn't Tee
A tribute to that time last year where I let our Insta get hacked by some dude with a dog in their profile photo. Plus that tie-in to the classic Would You Steal A Car adverts from 90's / early 00's Australia culture. Perfect. 
- Warwick
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