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14 February 2011

Short attention spans and lack of conversation


So when I go to parties and try mingle or whatever (sound so much like an old man trying to be like a teenager here) I always run out of things to say incredibly fast and resort to just talking about the label. But not even subtlety, I’ll just be like “oh man I’m tired, I was up all of last night working on the label.” and do some slow moving stretch, like the start of a bad porno (or awesome one if you like T-shirt label sub-plots in your pornographic movies. I should get on that.) And for some reason ALL people respond to you telling them about a label with the same terrible joke: “Oh, is the shirt you’re wearing now one of your designs?” actually that’s not even a joke. I don’t know what that is.

See in reality I should probably just read a newspaper or something so when people discuss current events I can do more than just nod my head and say yes or complain about the transport system regardless of what we’re actually talking about, but I have such a short attention span I can’t get through a paragraph usually. My dad watches the ABC news every night. We have some super ultra amazing LED TV with Foxtel and all the channels but all we ever watch is ABC. I don’t like the ABC. I wanted to do my own TV show for ABC channel three called “pushing over small children.” It could still happen.


– Lonely Kids Club 

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