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08 August 2016

Rejected Interview


So this is a 100% real interview I did recently for an online publication that decided to decline my answers. Lmao. I guess they never learned about the wonder of Bunnings.

Anyway enjoy:

Short bio- Any details about the Lonely Kids Club, your career, interest, hobbies, quirks

I’ve had a pretty intense life – I grew up as a small child then developed into a small minded adult and now i fall over all the time so life is really going places for me. Sometimes I just stumble and then act like I never actually fell over and when that happens I think back to when I was just a small child and say to myself “Warwick, you’ve made it”

Favourite shoe store

I used to go the Hype store in Chatswood every week with a Brag magazine and assess the gigs currently playing and try use it as an excuse to lure the girl working there to go with me but she’d never go. That was okay though I just really liked hanging with her. Years later my friend saw her in a new store and asked about me and she said she remembered me / missed me. I was so close to locking her in to one of my own brand parties. Dammit.

Favourite store for t-shirts

Well funny you should ask, this charming little flagship store called Lonely Kids Club just opened at 58 Atchison St in St Leonards as it’s just blowing me away. The boy who works there is so good looking and it offers some cool vibes like creating your own pocket tees and a huge range of T-shirts. Definitely my boy crush.

Favourite store for a unique find

Bunnings. Where do they come up with that stuff.

Favourite accessories store

I bought my sister a necklace from Diva and she hated but then I gave it to my mum and she loved it so I’d say its the best accessories store for mothers based on that singular experience. I dont know what song is playing right now on my headphones but it’s amazing. Oh it’s Tony Castles. Bless.

Favourite coffee shop

Hmm I actually go to so many. Probably Caffe Nostra. It looks ordinary but it’s the most amazing gourmet cafe ever. If you catch them on a quiet moment you have to ask for an omelette it’s actually the best one I’ve ever had but they can’t make it when it’s too busy. Also such a great vibe.

The best place to find a gift

Get drunk and go on eBay and buy a tonne of stuff that you forget about by morning and then distribute them to friends as you see according. Worst case tell them you’re disappointed they didn’t get the personal joke because you put so much thought into it. Nailed it.

Yeah. My bad.


– Warwick

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