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21 March 2022

Group Date

Man, I still remember the first time we went on a group outing with the opposite sex when we were 12 or 13. This guy in my friendship group somehow knew a girl (Was a foreign concept at the time) so organised our crew to meet with her crew of friends and it was just total fucking chaos.

We all met at the mall. Once we got there we immediately realised we had no idea how to actually interact with people (let alone ~girls~) outside of talking about Toys R Us or Yu-Gi-Oh, so we just stared at them and they stared back.

Eventually they broke the silence by giggling and running away so we did the only thing we thought we could in that situation, and chased after them to the bewilderment of the adults around us.

This went on a surprisingly long time until we got to the car park and everyone got too tired to keep running. At this point, in what I presume was a Survivor style elimination game, the girls elected one person, or 'leader' to walk over to us to say the words "goodbye" before they walked off and we walked away like we were top shit that just nailed that situation. We went on to all go out / break up with each other over MSN but never actually saw them IRL again.

I still remember thinking at the time that dating is all about that strong running game and being fit, and joined the cross country team soon after in hopes of becoming better at dating. It did not help.
Anyway you live and you learn. while I'm on the topic of being a kid, and a funny reaction to this post, can I introduce you to our newest artist, Steven Rhodes:
We just dropped a bunch of fun designs around children causing chaos, so check out his full range if that's your jam. 

- Warwick

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