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09 December 2013



So there’s this new social media app called Circles where you post news stories in your area and other people in the area can see them and respond to them or like them or whatever. I think the idea is you can post spontaneous events youre doing and people can see them and get involved. But it’s fucking dead. To test the waters, I made a post saying “Just banged my girlfriend” and it got all these likes from random people and some dude congratulated me and winked. Well don’t I feel validated. I categorised it as “sport” because I think that’s about as close as I get to exercise at this point.

Meanwhile the CEO sent me a message asking for suggestions so I told him he should change the app to ‘triangles’. Then I sent him a follow up email telling him he should definitely change it to ‘triangles’ because that’s acute idea. There should be an app called Jewfro which links to the hashtag #jewfro on instagram which is just photo after photo of chubby jewish men with crazy hair. It’s literally what I look at when I’m feeling sad. Try it out.

– Lonely Kids Club


Attached Drawing by Angie.

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