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17 January 2024

Camel Drawing Ideas

Man I remember this one time I was walking with my dad on a beach trying to have a bonding moment and he slowly sat down on the sand, and gestured at me to follow. I sat next to my papa and thought we were gonna draw camels or something and he drew a few lines. We were sitting in silence with only the sound of the stick passing through the sand and it dawned on me he was drawing some kind of graph, with a line going progressively lower across an X axis. I don't actually know if that's what it's called, I dropped out of maths after year 10. 80085.

My dad began to explain that it was a yearly projection based on my current sales trajectory that demonstrated that I was going to go broke unless I started selling more and spending less and all this account talk. He's an account though so I think it was his way of connecting. Anyway I tuned out and started do camel drawing ideas. I drew about 4 little camels. He didn't like that I wasn't paying attention, but I could see in his eyes that he liked my camels. 

For informational purposes only, I have tried recreating my sand camels for you:

- Warwick

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