Lonely Kids Club was formed in 2010 by a boy called Warwick. At this time he was failing his construction degree and had an unhealthy addiction with T-shirts. Eventually the decision was made to drop out of construction, and instead fly over to Europe for a while, returning with a solidified idea to launch a clothing label and pursue a dream. Driven by this passion, Lonely Kids Club was launched officially in the early months of 2011, as an independent label that believed in the principle that clothing should be personal.

Lonely Kids Club is a brand that is kept alive by the support it receives. We try give back to those who dig our clothes by keeping the threads both affordable and of exceptional quality. We refuse to waver on any of our principles such as our belief in local production. We also refuse to mass produce any of our goods as we believe in individuality. Despite the rapid expansion the brand has received in recent years, every item is still sent with a drawing and note and every email is still personally addressed by the label’s founder. No sweatshop is involved in any phase of production.

We are one of the last remaining labels that still believes in keeping things handmade in Australia. We use Australian fabric when possible (We stocked up on lots of fabric before most of the fabric producers closed down) and all cut-and-sew goods are made by hand in Sydney. With the case of our T-shirts and Jumpers, we use the highest quality garments available, which are produced ethically and have everything printed by hand in Sydney with premium inks. This unique handmade process allows us to add additional features to our clothing which is not available through factories and mass production.

In 2013 the decision was made to no longer follow seasonal styles or fads, and rather just focus on creating clothing we personally believed in, regards of what others were doing. We felt this was necessary to allow us to release the clothes we wanted, when we wanted, how we wanted. We didn’t like feeling like we had to have a certain margin or follow a specific trend. It’s just not why we make clothes. 

Blogging is integral to Lonely Kids Club. A new blog post is released most Mondays, and every clothing item is inspired by a short story about a personal experience that accompanies the shirt and helps create the design.

Lonely Kids Club is also an avid supporter of mental health awareness. We are very vocal on social media about supporting mental health awareness and making it a less taboo subject. We are also very passionate about gender diversity, equality and breaking gender stereotypes. Lonely Kids Club is a safe space that invites people of all ages and gender identities to enjoy our clothing, not just specified genders. You’re always welcome in this family.