Handy Man

Wow guys what a morning! I’m here alone and my door buzzer stopped working which makes it hard for me to do my printing and know when people enter the store. So I went to Coles and bought some new Duracell Batteries, which apparently last up to 50% longer (But does not state what it lasts longer than, so could be a stick and/or rock) and I replaced the inferior batteries with these new longer lasting ones. Now my buzzer works as new again. Maybe even better, as it is in a better mood and more opportunistic about it’s future. I feel like a very handy man today. I didn’t even need to use any tools. Just the greatest tool of all: the human mind.

– Warwick

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Sebastian Stan Stan Club (White) Tee

Good Vibes Tee (Pink)
Chase Sherwell
So comfortable, awesome colour

This shirt really stands out in a good way. The pink actually goes really well with more everyday items like chinos. Really comfortable and high quality fabric. I get compliments on this every time I step out of the house wearing it

The fabric is nice and soft. Shirt fits as described, good quality print, fast service.

So soft and warm

I love this. It's thicker and warmer than I expected which I ADORE. Super soft too.

Colour Block (Ice Dye) Tee
Georgia Williams
Love it

Soft comfortable, huge fan of LKC for years, keep up the great work