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24 June 2021

Xmas Shopping


Xmas shopping is so brutal man. There's giant lines, you're buying things for other people rather than yourself (I'm a grub so dislike this concept) and worst of all they play those Christmas songs on rotation which is the fucking worst.

They could have audio of a man saying "buy stuff" on loop and it'd be preferable to me. I actually worked in retail during Christmas once and it was the absolute worst. I don't think I made it through the entire Christmas period. I got fired a lot.

Anyway this is why this year I decided to try help people by reminding them they can just buy stuff online here and save the travel. We could probably create a more natural retail experience by having Christmas music auto-play on the site like a Myspace profile in 2006 (mine has been deleted and I'm so upset about this) but maybe we can set up that functionality next year.

P.S It's weird how Egg Nog doesn't seem to be a thing here, but we're all obsessed with pavlova instead. Bloody straya.

- Warwick

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