• Sustainably printed in Australia since 2011

  • Easy 100 day Returns on all orders

  • ETHICALLY PRODUCED and shipped from Sydney


Lonely Kids Club does everything possible to ensure the highest level of ethical practice is used in every step of our manufacturing process. We make sure to adhere to the following: 

i) All our clothing is made free from any sweatshop labour

ii) No child labour is used in any part of our production process

iii) All factories we use are clean and safe

iv) We work to reduce environmental impact of our production

v) Our factory workers are paid fairly and treated fairly

vi) Where possible, we use sustainable methods to reduce waste

We hand make some garments in Sydney, and outsource some garments that are produced ethically in factories which are hand-picked with safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions. In the case of these factories, they must agree to our terms stated above prior to production, agree to external audits, and they are expected to make improvements where standards are not met to ensure ongoing compliance. 

We foster long term relationships with our suppliers, and only work with a few key factories and studios that share our values. We also know our embroiderers and seamstresses as people who we often meet with and also treat them as people. 

No animals are harmed in the process of any of our goods. We do not use leathers, furs or any other sorts of animal products.

The only time animals come to contact with our products are when our dogs use them as blankets and/or beds. Once we dressed them in the jumpers for a photoshoot but they looked very content.