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06 May 2013

Why I got fired from The Shaver Shop


I worked at the shaver shop for 4 days. I inherently wasn’t suited to working there because I haven’t been caught without stubble in about 5 years but I gave it a go none-the-less. Anyway 4 days in I was on a train on my way to work and when I reached Milson’s Point I caught eyes with a girl who I thought was stunning. We just sort of locked on each other all the way until she entered the carriage and sat downstairs near me. So the train reaches Town Hall and I get out the train as she does and then we just sort of stare at each other up close for like 10 seconds (felt like longer) then for some reason I then just sort of froze up and wondered off. Classic Warwick move. 

After like 30 seconds it all suddenly clicked about what just happened so ran back looking for her. I couldn’t find her. I spent about half an hour running around the city looking for her but to no avail. Eventually I got to work but the excuse “I was trying to find a pretty girl I saw on the train” wasn’t part of the store policy as it turns out. I should have read the guidebook more thoroughly. I caught the same train on the same carriage the following two weeks but never saw her again. Bummer.


– Lonely Kids Club




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