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18 April 2019

Travis' 21st Speech


Travis, you are now 21. Wow. I still remember those days you were jumping around doing parkour whenever we walked anywhere and I was very close to buying you a leash. That time you jumped off a house in the park was pretty sick tho. I’m so proud of how much you’ve achieved in Architecture, er I mean Business & Innovation. Oh wait sorry I mean your new course in Communications, which I’m sure you’ll love next semester.
You’re really becoming an adult. More and more often, I find the toilet flushed when you’re staying over, and the lights turned off in the rooms you’ve used. This truly is a testament to how much you’ve grown in these years. I also no longer fear about leaving T-shirts near you, as in the past you have used them to relieve yourself. You can keep my GRMM shirt.
I spent the better part of my life trying my best to be a parent for you. I had a lot of fun with this though. When enrolling you for school or picking you up from things I’d always tell the gossipy parents who stared at me that I was a young father and made up dumb stories which I found very fun. My parent highlight, however, was when you dyed your hair pink and your principal wanted to expel you. So I came marching in, gave this whole spiel about expressing your creativity and you trying to figure out who you are and we left minutes later. We agreed to dye your hair back again. I felt like we were in a goddamn movie tho.
Over the years I’ve gotten to see what an amazing person you are, and your core values really solidify. You’ve always believed in me, and I’ve always appreciated that.
Thanks for always schlepping over to model for me, listening to all my beats, listening to me talk about LKC every 15 minutes and most of all for being my bro.
Because its a 21st speech, here’s a photo of us from last year with our mum and nan x
<3 Warwick
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