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23 June 2014

Travelling with Warwick


I’m not great at travelling. I went out to dinner in boston and came back to the realization that I’ve completely forgotten my room number. Unfortunately I took it upon myself to get drunk at dinner so I decided the best solution was to try scan my card through every door. This was a 5 level hotel though. So after looking like a dodgy as fuck dude trying to sneak into rooms I eventually go back to reception and explain I’ve forgotten my room number. Everyone around me looks at me like I just took a shit on the lobby floor or something.

They tell me my room number, I head back up and it doesn’t work. So I head down explaining this and they then re-activate my card. So I head up, scan in and chill on my bed. Sweet. So, you know, I was finally chillaxing and thought now would be a good time to take advantage of the hotel moisture cream selection or whatever. So I go about my business on the bed, finish up, then head back to the bathroom to wash up.

Then I notice something weird about my suitcases. And by that I mean I notice that they’re not mine. Oh fuck. I’ve made a terrible mistake. This is definitely not my room. So I’m naked and freaking the fuck out at this point, and get changed, clean up what I can and leg it back to the lobby and purposely talk to another attendant about checking my room number. She gives me a totally different room number. So I get the card re-activated again, head to bed, and then check out as fast as humanly possible the next day. But by that I mean before 11AM for once. I suck at travelling.


– Lonely Kids Club

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