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12 October 2021

Sustainability with Warwick

Hey gang! I've spent the last few years working towards a goal of zero wastage for the brand. Between that and partnering with AS Colour, who's social responsibilities are among the best in the industry, I've really wanted to make sure that we are giving you the most sustainable clothing experience possible.

This has included moving towards printing orders on demand ourselves with water-based inks and recyclable packaging / byproducts, not needing to discard any apparel or accessories, but instead featuring any faulty items as the as part of our "$10 Bargain Bin" promotion, and up-cycling leftover fabrics with local seamstresses.

We also now have ongoing community initiatives, such as providing free boxes for moving contactlessly (and assisting with carrying as needed), and have moved to 100% biodegradable mailing satchels provided by the legends at HeapsGood. We also exclusively use recycled paper.

I did an interview with someone recently who astutely pointed out that they had no idea about all these things as I don't communicate it enough. Coincidentally, my wife has also pointed out my poor communication skills on a number of occasions.

So when we talk about our efforts to be a highly ethical and sustainable clothing brand, we do really put a lot of work in!

Thanks for reading and have a nice day.

- Warwick

Featured Design: Planet B Tee

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