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28 January 2024

Summer's A Beach

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with the beach. I used to go all the time growing up with my dad and although the waves dumped me more than the girls I used to talk to on MSN, it was nice that we went together, he'd buy me a sick ice cream and I really enjoyed peeing in the water. I felt like a spy but instead of finding out secrets, or doing missions, I was pissing near people and they couldn't do shit about it. Maybe that's even better than being a spy.

As you get older the whole idea of the beach gets a bit shittier though. For one thing these damn kids won't stop peeing in the water. Sand gets in more places, or maybe just gets more annoying and every time you go parking gets a bit harder, and takes a bit longer. It's basically a metaphor for peeing as you age. You then have to lug your stuff and begin the eternal hunt for a slither of space to lay on while you try lather enough sunscreen to not get burnt. You still get burnt, but at the very least you can take a nice towel with you. And hey while we're on the topic of towels (I think you brought it up?) have you seen our very limited edition one?
Summer Beach Towel
Make the beach a bit less shit (Or if you like the beach I mean EVEN BETTER!) with our custom designed ultra lightweight and compact, super fast drying sand resistant beast of a towel. It also pairs well with our summer collection... Just saying. 
- Warwick
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