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15 September 2014

Sharpening Knives


So I live with my sister. She’s very cool and we get along well, but the other day she came home in a pretty bad mood and was just starting shit with me, saying I don’t do enough around the house etc. This is the most standard housemate conversation ever but it just put me in a bad vibe so I retorted that I buy lots of stuff and she made more remarks (She can make so many digs at me in one sentence she may as well carry a shovel around) so I realized what I had to do in the moment.

I looked at her and said “I sharpened all the knives in the house the other day. I just don’t brag about all it every time I do something for the house” and it was instant game over. It was the exact thing to say to win the argument. She said okay wow sorry etc and walked off. Then I thought to myself – shit, I should really sharpen the knives now. Those knives are blunt as fuck. I was legit cooking dinner for my friend Fergal last night, and struggling to cut up all the vegetables.

If I wanted to look after the house as much as I wanted to win arguments verse my poor sister, my house would probs be a much nicer place to live in. Sorry Cassie. This is what happens when you fuck with me. By that, I mean I’ll lie to you about doing a mundane chore then confess it publicly on a blog days later. Gen Y represent.


– Lonely Kids Club

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