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Plumbin' bro
11 March 2013

Plumbin' bro


This plumber evidently fucked up some work on my sister’s bathroom a few months ago and the room below it has some mold stuff happening with it. It’s pretty gross. I sent him a text (I hate awkward phone calls) and he didn’t reply then I called him up and he said he was busy and hung up. So I called him again from a blocked number then got super Australian on him. I don’t even know why. I was driving a ute so it felt natural. I was all “G’day, MATE. Need to get my FARKIN’ pipes cleaned, bro! Fuckin’ plumbin’ y’know!” he was already much more positive about it. He said he could come tomorrow so I said “MAAAATE. Pretty farkin’ busy if ya know what I mean (By which I meant I had uni). Let’s do Wed-fucking-NES-day.”

The dude in the car next to me gave me a weird look. I was yelling though. Oh my god not really related but I get so many looks while driving cars because I always blast music and bop my head to the beat. One time this dude filmed me doing it on his mobile phone and I’m probably on youtube somewhere. Urgh. Anyway plumbing issue now sorted. Also my Instagram hit 150 followers. Thank you so much everyone. This was a long blog post. Farkin’ blogz MATE.

– Lonely Kids Club

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