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24 March 2014

Party Vibes

Attached Drawing by Angie 

You know what’s fucking scary? Going to a party or any sort of social event by yourself. I don’t know if anyone else feels that way about shizz, but recently I’ve gotten so co-dependent that unless I have a close friend going with me I’ll get all anxious in my head about having to stand by myself without anyone to talk to. So I just end up freaking myself out and staying home watching things on my laptop and looking like a jerk to everyone who invited me in the first place. Also no one wants to be “that person” that the host takes on the role of trying to find you someone to talk to. That’s just the worst possible situation to be in, and you end up in those conversations with people who feign interest in what you’re saying while looking around constantly for anyone else to talk to. Or I’ve just been talking to people who suffer from eye spasms. Either way.

Also you can only go so long pretending to text people on your phone while secretly playing games and hoping no one notices. Can we just set up some sort of buddy system where we accompany each other to events so that if you ever end up in a conversation where everyone disbands you have that “safe friend” to go to. It could be called ‘Safe Friend’. Ironically, getting a random person you don’t know to accompany you to a house party would probably put you in the least safe situation possible. My bad. Still a good idea though I think.

– Lonely Kids Club

Attached Drawing by Angie


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