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01 June 2020


This is nothing to do with anything but just something I feel like talking about: I sprained my foot / ankle a bunch of times early into high school, so my dad took me to a pediatrist who made me a pair of orthotics to wear inside my shoes.

I still use that same pair of orthotics and it’s been life changing. Before I wasn’t able to run and now I can just choose not to run. So freeing. Plus, I wasn’t able to play sports before. I still can’t now, but not due to physical pain. Now it’s only the emotional pain. My dogs have eaten half of one but they’re still fine somehow (Both the orthotics and the dogs). I find slightly broken things very enduring.

The amount of people over the years that don’t seem to know about orthotics or what they are used for is hectic. I think they’re just underrated or something. If you have issues walking or running, or hurt / sprain your foot or ankle too much you might wanna think about it. Even the cheap off-the-shelf-ones can be good.

– Warwick

P.S I had issues when I was younger about people finding my conversations boring. Now that I’ve gotten older, I’ve started holding people much less accountable.



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