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24 June 2021

Unfortunate Tinder Dates


My friend went to meet up with a dude she met on Tinder the other day at a bar, and he was there with another girl. She just assumed that was an old friend to ease tension etc. So they were all talking and chilling and the dude went to the bathroom and she asked how the other girl knew this guy. She said she just met on Tinder and it was their first date. So my friend was like holy shit this is my first date with this guy from Tinder too & they both got up and left while he was in the bathroom. Snap.

If I was still on Tinder I would start all my conversations by saying "What are big hairy polar bears good for? Breaking the ice. Hi I'm Warwick." Or, if we're upping the ante on the intelligence front, "What are the long term consequences of global warming? Breaking the ice. Hi I'm Warwick." If someone can please try these, screenshot them and send them to me, I'll throw them on the blog next week. But don't say you're Warwick at the end unless it's your name. That could be weird. Or amazing. I have no idea. 

- Lonely Kids Club

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