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24 June 2021

Mid Twenties


Ah shit. I’m officially 24. I’m pretty sure that classifies as mid-20s. I think it’s time to go corporate. I’ll do all the things I was too weak to do in my earlier years (2 days ago) such as changing the name of the brand to something more sophisticated like Lonely Gentlemen’s Club (Which sounds way too much like an upmarket brothel for the record) and finally create my new boutique Corporal Jeans. Mind you I spent all day in bed watching Revenge so I don’t think I’m ready to be mature yet. 

So going back to being immature briefly, I think if I actually ran an upmarket brothel called Lonely Gentlemen’s club, I would call the “special massage” the ‘Disney experience’. Because much like a recent Disney movie, it both includes a happy ending, and mild sense of disappointment once it’s over. Okay. I’ll start acting more mature now. I’m going to do the things mature people do, such as getting their news source from a newspaper, rather than from the Nine MSN homepage after logging out of Hotmail. Or finishing projects I start. Lastly I'm going to begin going to Thomas Dux instead of Woolworths so I can tell people how much better I feel now that I eat organic, regardless of if it’s relevant to the conversation or not. It never is.

- Lonely Kids Club 

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