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16 November 2023

Lonely Kids Club Gifting Guide

I wanted to put together a little guide of things that I think are nice and that your friends might think are nice and if they don't think they're nice then they aren't nice.

Your friend who never leaves the kitchen
These ones are kind of versatile because some people even eat food outside of kitchens. Also most people eat food, at least that's been my experience over the last 30 something years.


Your Ride Or Die Bestie
Realistically I'd much rather ride than die, but sometimes you just don't get to choose the order. Friendship is much better with the ride and then die, vs when you actually die and then ride in the hearse. Friendship.


The meme fiend of the group chat
Do you guys remember when you would get sent DM memes and it would say that you could no longer view the content, and you wouldn't say anything and just laugh? And then your friend would bring it up and you would have no idea what to say?
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Your D&D Party Members
Roll a die. If the number is at least, you have to buy at least one product from this range. Wear one to a party and you'll be a critical hit.


The buddy glued to their screen
I've never really cared about limiting screen time and I don't do it with my child and I've turned out just TV. But for real, people to this day still think I have an American accent just because I watched too much TV and I'm fine with that.


The Aspiring Zookeeper
My wife is an aspiring zookeeper because I don't shower enough. It wasn't a voluntary position. I've also been to the zoo and feel that both the noises and smells are similar and comparable.


Your gran with the potty mouth
These are all Warwick designs that I've done and no one's said anything to me about it. I've always thought I was a nice person but obviously I'm somewhat abrasive. Fuck.
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If you don't want to place arbitrary labels on your friend or insult their feelings, you can always buy a gift card :)

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