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21 December 2023

LKC Wrapped: Best of 2023

I tried revisiting 2023 and what the year meant to me through our designs, so I have put together a collection of the most meaningful designs to me, whether they were our top sellers, the bottom sellers, the most topical / socially relevant or the ones which completely flopped that I had the most confidence in. Enjoy.

Noot Noot Tee Noot Noot
This one took off so much more than we thought it would, and climbed its way to top sellers without much pushing from us.
As Per My Last Email Tee As Per My Last Email
This was a requested design based on a meme so 
we had to re-work it to make it in our own style. We were worried it didn't work without the original aesthetic so it was a win when it became a top seller.
Pedro Daddy Tee Pedro Daddy
It was the year of Pedro, and this design epitomises the 
love for him this year.
Kenough Tee Kenough
It was the year of dolls, of course. Had to jump on the trend.
Rizz 'Em With The Tism Tee Rizz 'Em With The 'Tism
Our viral design of the year. Our most liked Instagram 
post, and our top selling non-collab tee outside of Australia. It came from a request your own t-shirt project in our LKCC Facebook group.
K-Hole Tee K-Hole
This was such a funny design that people seemed to specifically not want to buy full price, but blew up on sale. I get that. Lol
Silly Goose Tee Silly Goose
My team made this for me while I was away having my first baby so it always has a special place in my heart.
Sink The Rich Tee Sink The Rich
One of our most topical designs of 2023.
I Eat Ass Tee I Eat Ass
It made me so extremely happy that people bought this.
Cease And Desist Tee Cease & Desist
No one's bought this, but it's a perfect summary of our year of growth, and starting to really annoy big companies who finally are noticing we exist. Nice.

I'm pretty proud of the range we put together this year. I think we captured the feelings pretty well which has always been our goal, and also managed to put on two LKCC Presents activations, where we invite people in our Facebook group to tell us their own T-shirt ideas, and we try to make and release as many as possible. We currently have 4 illustrators in the studio, so I feel like this is where we are growing a lot, which feels good.  

Stay fresh, cheese bags (Don't worry, I won't carry that into 2024)

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