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08 June 2015

I don't like underwear


I fucking hate underwear. I just like to be commando all the time. I get so uncomfortable wearing briefs, so I’m trying to wear boxers. But I end up just adjusting myself over and over while I walk and then I look like someone that’s forced to stay at least 500m from a primary school at all times. It just all bunches up and it takes worse care of your package than Australia Post. The other issue with not wearing underwear is the constant battle you face when you need to bend over for any reason.

You just don’t know how much cover you’re going to receive from your T-shirt or whatever and have to start worrying about crack exposure. I have no idea how people are so oblivious about / comfortable with showing people their cracks. It’s like people that permanently have their mouths open with a stunned expression. They look like they just memorised the alphabet successfully for the first time. How do they not realise how fucked they look. Just sort your shit out. I don’t even know why I’m thinking about all this right now I think I’m just so uncomfortable as I write this. Urgh. Underwear.


– Lonely Kids Club

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