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23 May 2011

Hair Care


The average time I spend in a job is a week. I get fired. A lot. When I finished high school the first job I got was in hair care. I think they hired me based purely on the assumption that I was gay. To their credit, everybody thought I was gay. Including my mother, who preoccupied herself at the time by setting me up with male nurses at her hospital. Anyway it was a pretty strange place to work. People were constantly stealing stuff. Unfortunately you aren’t actually allowed to do a whole lot about it. During one of my shifts I was standing around bored and noticed a guy stealing gel. So I thought fuck it and walked over and informed him for his hair type he’d probably be a lot better off stealing a gel with a firmer hold, and less shine. He thanked me and walked off with the superior product. I got fired the next day.




– Lonely Kids Club

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