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31 March 2014

Going To The Gym


Yeah so I went to have dinner with my friend Celline the other week and she told me my face looks chubby so now I’m going to the gym again. I finally changed my exercise regime from just talking about going to the gym at least twice a week to actually going at least twice a week. It was quite a commitment. I’m also trimming my stubble more consistently now. That part was less of a commitment. My gym is really weird though. There’s always one person there who stares at me while I do my sets (It’s pretty creepy) and the on-duty trainer has this weird hair that sort of comes across like an undercut, but is too thickly gelled on top to work. Also I think he wears a children’s size shirt to look more buff. He went to grab his water bottle and he was already sporting a ridiculous amount of midriff. Couldn't tell if it was intentional or not.

Also gym music is terrible. It’s like So Fresh hits mixed with generic house music beats and goofy synths. So maybe it’s just regular So Fresh hits. I don’t know. I stopped listening to So Fresh just after Coco Jumbo by Mr. President came out. That song was amazing though. The first single I ever bought was Peaches by The Presidents of the United States of America, actually. I still listen to it today. Also the first album I ever bought was by The Mighty, Mighty Bosstones. They’re totally the band playing in the party scene in Clueless. Now you know. Also clueless is probably the best word to describe how I go about doing gym routine. At least I know how to wear a shirt that doesn’t show a 90’s pop-star level amount of midriff every time I use my upper-body, though.

NOTE: Wow thanks so much for the huge response to the Winston tee everyone, it blew me away and I’m so stoked you all dig him as much as I do. <3


– Lonely Kids Club



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