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04 February 2021

Fuck Off Drawing

I really fucked it the other day. I ripped out all the drawings from my notepad to give out to people with orders, as we usually do. Unfortunately these particular drawings included this Seven Eleven logo I tried drawing that said “FUCK OFF”. I think it was an idea for the Fuck Off Collection.

Anyway imagine the surprise of this person who ordered a T-shirt from LKC for the first (and last) time, only to find a random piece of paper ripped out of a notebook fall out the invoice saying “FUCK OFF” on it.

I apologised and know there’s a lot I need to learn from this situation, including that my ‘obnoxious customer treatment is both extremely unpleasant and totally uncalled for’, but honestly I just wanna know if they realised it was a Seven Eleven logo or not. They didn’t mention it, but it does look like the logo, I think. I guess it’s business 101, but I really learned a valuable lesson that you should not tell your customers to fuck off. Sometimes you just gotta learn it the hard way.

Anyway to the customer I sent this to, if you’re out there and reading this, I definitely owe you a free tee.

– Warwick

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