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02 December 2013



I have a love hate relationship with Frankie’s Pizza. For those who don’t live in Sydney / go out l8 it’s basically a bar & restaurant which serves amazing pizza til 4AM and exclusively plays annoyingly loud heavy rock music. It also has a dance area where people who don’t dress well enough to get into nicer bars can go and bop to the stuff they used to play on Triple M in the 90’s. I went through an intense punk phase when I was 16, but it still feels pretty out of place. Anyway one of the last times I was there, I was completely off my face and stumbled and knocked a table spilling a drink. My bad.

So these two people sitting there just lost their shit at me, and started like shoving me and getting pretty antsy. I thought it was weird that in a bar with mohawks & ripped jeans everywhere and Sex Pistols playing that you can be all “FUCK THA SYSTEM” but if you accidently knock over a drink that’s a little too much anarchy for their taste but whatever. I wasn’t really phased by the situation, and expressed this several times apparently but my friends moved me away as they thought it was best I kick on back to the other part of the bar.

So then another one of my more sober friends sits down with them and apologises on my behalf and explains it was just an accident, so they tell him to fuck off and throw a drink at his back as he leaves. Apparently by “fuck tha system” they actually meant “fuck that guy’s back”. So he then turns around, walks over to their table, and knocks ALL the drinks off in one swipe. How’s that for karma. Snap. Not that I was aware of any of this, I went off to stare at people playing on pinball machines and ask them what the best machine they ever used was. When I’m drunk I love to listen to people talk about the weirdest shit. Anyway yeah long story short don’t knock over any drinks at Frankie’s Pizza. They take it pretty seriously. #realtalk


– Lonely Kids Club


Attached drawing by Angie.

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