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02 December 2016

Father's Day


This is a post I did on Father’s Day which I wanted to put up here because if you’re ever feeling down this is worth a read:

Happy father’s day everyone. This father’s day my dad said he was proud of me and for the first time I’m (sort of) a father with puppy Louie, so here’s a bit of fatherly advice / a short story for everyone:

When I was younger a lot of people saw me as some sort of dead-shit drop kick when I dropped out of uni, and couldn’t keep a job, relationship or life plan together. In their defence I was pretty useless. I got fired from about 10 different jobs. The fucking Shaver Shop fired me because I thought I fell in love with a girl on the train so got to work late (It’s a blog post somewhere).

One time I woke up to my mum on the phone telling her friend how her son is a failure (I thought she said failr and thats where my producer name came from btw) and another time at a dinner for this jewish festival thing I walked past a table of people who know my parents talking shit about how I’m throwing my life away or whatever so I chimed in and bitched about me too lmao. They had no idea what the hell to say.

I just wanted to give a shout out to anyone going through a rough time, or feeling a bit lost. It’s totally natural and things get so much better if you push on with what you’re trying to achieve / once you work out what you want. Those who look down on you for trying to do something different always end up being the ones who are most supportive when things turn around. I think they’re just scared and pushing that onto you.

Anyway if anyone ever feels that way please reach out to me via the chat app on the page or whatever if you need any guidance. I’m not yr dad but if you’re ever not OK I’m always here. Most of the chats on the site are just life talks I rarely even talk about the products. One time we re-did someone’s cover letter and resume cos he couldn’t get a job. I should see how that worked out.

I’m always very open to the fact that I had a lot of mental health issues which I worked through with a professional and it made things so much better. It’s okay not to feel okay and to seek out help.

Everyone can achieve cool things, even if they don’t feel supported by those around them. As long as you push on with whatever you’re going through you’ll be golden. And if you need to talk to someone, reach out to your local GP to get the ball rolling.

To finish here’s a photo of my papa cecil, and my puppy, Louie. Such QTs.


Always be you.

<3 warwick

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