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19 January 2015



Man this one time I was with my friend Max and hanging outside my house and for no reason at all I did this really goofy run towards Max and laughed afterwards. Then a few seconds later this girl jogged by and turned to me and said “YEAH THANKS” as sarcastically as possible then ran off with an equally goofy run. I didn’t know she even existed until that moment in time. I have so many of these weird situations that happen in my life where I accidentally end up looking like a dickhead. Just the other day I went to a restaurant and it was a bit eh so I paid on card and they slipped this “tip” section in that I hadn’t seen before and only realised after I started entering in my pin so I quickly clicked enter and accidentally tipped them 12c. The guys face when he saw that. Oh man. It was like Liam Neeson in Taken. Nobody wants to be on the other side of that. Also fuck I just gave away the first 2 digits of my pin code. Nah I changed up the numbers cos I’m THAT PARANOID. 

– Warwick

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