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28 September 2015



Sydney is getting so weird man. I went to OutsideIn (A little music festival at Manning Bar) and it was like entering a prison or something. All Orange Is The New Black style, and like the show took unnecessarily long to get to the point (Fuck season 3 starts off boring). You had to walk in one at a time to get individually sniffed by a drug dog which is coincidently the only time I don’t like dogs, and then awkwardly patted down all while about 20 cops aggressively stared at you. It’s a fucking music festival. I dunno why they wanted us to feel punished for supporting our local music community.

Anyone who actually deals drugs would be smart enough to know not to bring it in to a damn festival so all they’d be doing is catching out innocent kids who were unexperienced enough to not double drop before entering (This was defs the case I spoke to so many cooked cunts on the day) and I ended up seeing the exact spot they got taken to. So many 18 year old kids caught with one pill crying hysterically as they got lectured for an hour then taken into a police van. I can only imagine the damage they would have caused had they not been caught – jumping around in mosh pits damaging people’s pristine shoes (RIP my new balance sneakers), stroking their hair 30-40 times within an hour and causing absolute havoc in the food stall lines with their indecision. Would have been fucked.

This is our country right now. Trying to fuck over kids, whinging about a transport service that actually services the community, outrage that we want to choose the content we watch and going out of their way to slow our internet down to a fucking halt so our country can be a laughing stock in 5 years. Fucking hell Straya. So busy babysitting no one’s even looking after the house anymore. Ahaha festival was really good tho.


– Lonely Kids Club

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