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31 August 2015

Comedy Night


Have you guys ever gone to a local comedy night before? I’m not talking about the big international stars at Opera House stuff, I mean the ones loosely put together at a pub. They’re the best thing ever. Those dudes on stage (And huge props to them btw – I don’t have the balls to do it) either kill it or bomb so hard, and there’s absolutely no in-between. It’s like the equivalent of either being an all-star Yankees batter hitting home runs or a blind 8 year old just hoping to make contact.

Last time I went they were all the latter. It was just brutal. One person literally opened saying “How shit is uni”. And the problem that came from this is that I really like the weird awkward stuff. I’m like a hardcore Tim & Eric fan so when they did these jokes and no one laughed, I then started laughing. As it turns out the crowd would laugh at my laugh and that’s how the whole night played out. I was like a reverse heckler. But I wasn’t the only sort-of Heckler there. One dude fell asleep and all the comedians kept giving him shit but he didn’t wake up for the duration of the entire event, so he kind of won all the encounters by default. Can’t really win against someone who won’t wake up. That’s why Snorlax was so powerful. Wait that made no sense.

Anyway the whole crowd seemed super cranky. It was almost like they were all just made redundant and as an apology got sent to this comedy night. Unfortunately, however, they weren’t made redundant from a university, or that other dude’s opening line would have killed it. So to counter the now pressingly awkward silence that came from dud jokes, the other comedians that already performed began laughing as loud as they could at every joke. But obviously this was already clear to anyone looking so yeah just such a strange situation. Actually reading over this now I made it all sound terrible but honestly I’d highly recommend it.


– Lonely Kids Club

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