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04 August 2014

Business Risks


Man the other day my dad said to me I don’t take risks in business and that’s just bullshit. We only have one male bathroom at the place I work and there are four other males who work there and I’ll go to the bathroom even though its next to the meeting room. Every time I go I face the very real risk of someone using the bathroom and me standing there awkwardly when there might potentially be a meeting going on. It’s a risk I do because I’m a businessman and that’s what we do. Take risks. Also we use elevators that only go up. One destination: Synergy (New band name for a over 50s rock band).

I spend nearly every meeting sitting there drawing cats with hats on skateboards anyway. But actually. I had a notepad with like 30 of them. I was showing my friend Fergal the other day. He liked them. It’s that sort of approval that keeps things moving. 


– Lonely Kids Club

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