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01 June 2015

Body Cycle


I was so fucking stressed the week of the latest clothing range launch that just before the party I tried cleaning up my beard and accidently trimmed it way too low on my face so freaked out and just shaved all of it off. It’s like the closest I’ve gone to being clean shaven in over 6 years. The whole thing was also problematic because I was at the chubbiest phase of my body cycle. It’s totally a thing. You would think having to be on top of that sort of thing since I was like 15 would have me as an ace at this shit by now, but yeah evidently not so much.

Then when I was at the party I got obsessed with rubbing my face against things because you don’t really get those sensations when you have a beard over your skin. So my friend Matt and I rubbed out cheeks together like 6 times on the night it would have looked so fucking weird to people but omg it actually felt amazing. Also turns out when you ask people if you can rub their puppies against your face they get mad offended. Way to be over-protective of your puppy. In dog years it's well over 18 and can make his own fucking decisions. Also for what it’s worth my beard has already grown back. It’s like the manliest aspect of me overall so I just try own that shit in general.


– Lonely Kids Club

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