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03 March 2014

Awkard Moments With Teachers


I was like 8 or 9 when i was in class doing writing skills, which is that thing where you work on your pen handling skills or whatever and the teachers pretend you’ll use them to write more elegantly when in reality you’ll probably just use the skills to draw dicks on things until youre 16 (maybe that just applies to boys) but i did a really shitty job or something that day, because I got up and took my workbook to the teacher and she was like “what is this garbage? did your dog just die” and honest to god I just burst out fucking crying hysterically because my dog Jonty fell off the balcony the night before and was found dead that morning. Then the teacher just had like NO fucking idea what to do because she just came across as the most heartless person ever so she just kept hugging me and apologising for like 5 minutes while the rest of the class just sat there in disbelief watching on.

She was like so nice to me for the rest of the time I knew her I think I ended her mean ways so really i did the whole community a favour that day. Also how fucking strange was my childhood. I was like a round the twist character 24/7.


– Lonely Kids Club


Attached Drawing by Angie

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