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01 July 2013

Adventures in Vietnam


So I had a pretty interesting experience while I was serving in ‘Nam (and by serving, I mean vacationing). I was at the airport in Ho Chi Minh City with some people from my tour of Cambodia (I did a tour through the country but travelled by myself for the rest of the trip) and I noticed there was a platform “9” and a platform “10”, and conveniently there was a pole between both of them. Truthfully, I don’t know how big the Vietnamese community is on J.K Rowling, but I was game to find out. So I got one of those baggage trolleys they have at airports, lined up my route, and charged as hard as I could into the pole with a pretty extensive run-up. As it turns out, if you charge into a pole with a trolley at an airport people will stare at you with a pretty bewildered expression. Furthermore, yelling “Don’t worry bro’s, I’m just trying to get to Hogwarts” wont help rectify the situation. Lesson learned. To be fair, if they didn’t want people charging into poles at their airport they shouldn’t have had a platform 9 & 10. That was greatly misleading. Yeah. I’m a dork.


– Lonely Kids Club

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