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28 December 2023

A letter from Warwick

Dear LKC fam,

Wowow 2023. The year I went from being a dumbass to being a dumbass dad. It was the best of times, and it was the blurst of times. Plus I went the full year without getting a social media account hacked. I'm now 1 year without incident.

Since we first launched, we've always been very focused on our core community, and our interaction with our audience. We launched our Facebook Chat this year, which I jump in and out of more than most other chats on my phone, and tried investing more time in our Facebook Group, where we managed to launch two seperate LKCC Presents Create Your Own T-shirt events. Each time we put one together, we have to put aside about 3 full days of work for our illustrators and some of our studio staff, but it's so important to us that we get to hear from you, see what you want and like, and make it happen. It's honestly become one of our favourite traditions that we will carry in 2024.

I spent the majority of 2023 working on our quality, and taking feedback about our printing on board, which led to me getting obsessed with all our printing processes. I ended up buying a second printer, learning how to distill water, re-starting our processes from scratch, and I also really found myself getting deeper into the T-shirt printer industry and community. I've never been happier with where our quality and prints are at. We also still use the same ethically made garments, but doubled down further on new recycling initiatives and working on meaningful collaborations, such as our recent Please Look Out For Trains charity drive for Tracksafe. We've also grown our team with a bunch of very multitalented and kind people and we're excited to see how they'll be contributing to the brand over the next year. 

Just like back in 2011, we still try to answer most messages, when you submit ideas / brand feedback it goes straight to us, and the social media pages are all mostly shitposting for no reason.

Thank you for getting to know us and joining in on this wild journey. It means a lot, and it drives me to always try to push harder because I know there's a lot of people out there you can choose to support, so thanks for giving us a try.


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