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Self Care Jumper


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We thought it was time to dig out our favourite mental health designs, and introduce new colour-ways across selected jumpers. It’s added new wearability to our most important mental health designs, and makes promoting a positive mental health message easier than ever as a staple of your new winter look.

Art by Rachel Peck.

Featuring a custom digital front print

Regular fit

Mid weight, 290 GSM, 80% cotton 20% polyester anti-pill fleece

Raglan sleeves, sleeve cuff & neck ribbing, preshrunk to minimise shrinkage

All items printed and shipped from Sydney.

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Most of our products are sourced through AS Colour and other ethical suppliers who we chose specifically because of their high quality products and transparent ethical processes. Some of the social responsibility measures we take include:

- Transparency around production and promotion of fair, healthy, and safe practices.

- Partnership with The Better Cotton Initiative.

- Responsibly sourcing materials and ensuring ethical practices are maintained all through our supply chain.

All by-products of the printing process are either reused or recycled. We have removed nearly all plastic from our supply chain. Our ink cartridges are reused. All of our cardboard is recycled and we work with a supplier in Western Sydney who breaks down the components of our leftover ink into environmentally friendly nutrients to enrich soil.

Customer Reviews

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Love the fit

Favourite jumper

I don�۪t think I could love this jumper more if I tried. I�۪m normally an aus sz10 and bought the small, it is amazingly oversized with wonderful long sleeves and I fold under the bottom hem and it is amazing. It sits so nicely, is nice and weighty without being heavy, and I love that it isn�۪t fleecey inside so don�۪t get any transfer onto tshirts. The self care image is perfect for how comfortable this jumper is.

Haydn Lane
Self Care White Marle Premium Crew

Great T shirt snd brand

Kylie Chung
BEST Customer Service

I love my jumper, don't get me wrong. it's a gorgeous print and perfectly fitting with a sturdy and warm material.
but what I love most about this jumper is the service from Warwick himself. I was patient in waiting for my order since I knew the post was being delayed with Covid but when I hadn't heard anything for a month I checked in on my order and Warwick told me he was waiting on jumpers in my size to come in stock. When I was happy to change colours to ones he had on hand, he immediately printed the jumper the next day and I had my order in another 2 days.
I will always continue to buy from LKC as long as we have the communication channels we have with the team (often just Warwick) there.

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